Di lahan seluas 10 hektar, berlokasi di kawasan Bukit Melingkuh, Desa Baturiti,Tabanan, Bali dengan nuansa alam yang asri, kami menyediakan fasilitas
untuk keperluan acara dan rekreasi keluarga, sahabat dan perusaan Anda,dengan kapasitas hingga 1500 orang.

Tersedia: Paintball, Strawberry, Camping, ATV, 4WD Offroad, Cycling, Fun Trail Trip,Outing, Outbound, Flying Fox, Trekking, Fishing, dan Berkuda.

Dengan pemandangan alam pegunungan yang indah, kami pastikan acara Anda akan meninggalkan kesan yang mendalam.



one of the facilities in bali outbound framstay here you have to try using an ATV by renting it here with a very large area. You can also take a walk and
enjoy the beauty of the beauty that is in the outbound framstay very broadly…


And don’t forget, this is an outbound ride that is liked by many people, which is full of different obstacles
and you have to try this because this ride is so much fun!!and don’t forget there is a complete security so you don’t have to be afraid to try this!!!


You want to play war war but don’t know where??? Well, here there is such a thing as paintball, namely shooting shots using paint
and this is playing in groups, you usually bring your friends, your friends,
and your family to play this and it’s definitely very fun when it’s crowded like this..


Anyone want a slide in the sky?? Well, at Bali Outbound Framstay, there is a flying fox. You can see the view from above which is very beautiful with a height..
And the flaying fox is for all ages and is also complete with safety and later there will be a brother who will direct you what to do so you don’t have to worry anymore


At Bali Outbound Farmstay, there is also a place to play Motocross… if you like motorbike stunts, come here


You can do trekking here too!! here you will enjoy the cool air of the mountains and beautiful mountain views

Strawberry Picking

Do you like eating strawberries? Well, at BOF there is a place to pick as many strawberries as you like


For those of you who like fishing, here there is a fishing pond at BOF, you can rent a fishing rod or bring your own


For those of you who have never ridden a horse, let’s go to BOF here, you can ride a horse in a very wide area and the air is cool


You don’t have to worry about finding a place to live!! At BOF there are large villas with facilities that make your stay comfortable
Here you can live with your family and friends

Ruang Pertemuan (Barak)

At BOF there is a meeting room with a clean room, you can rent this room for meetings, etc


You can also camp at BOF with cool air and green grass. It must be very nice to be able to spend our time with family


Apart from ATV and 4WD Off Road, you usually go for a walk by bicycle with your friends, your friends and your family..

4WD Off Road

You can travel using a 4WD Off Road car wherever you like at Bali Outbound Framstay


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